A selection however were prepared to go on record:

I recently decided that it was high time to liven-up my LinkedIn profile and recharge my resume.

Who better to turn to than the guru himself Paul Cooper MBA, CIPD

Not only did Paul polish my profile and refresh my resume, he even managed to sprinkle a bit of LI magic to make me appear a little more prominently in your timelines – which is probably why you’re reading this now

As you’ll see from Paul’s profile, his business partner at Executive Career Management Ltd is my former colleague, the fabulous Sue Malti – I’m not sure there are many who wouldn’t benefit from tapping into their collective genius.
Private Equity Fund Manager

Paul and Sue delivered the most successful search we’ve ever run, resulting in a candidate that far exceeded our expectations.
CEO, Wholesale Food

Paul is a powerful ally to have as anyone senior begins their job search. He has incredible interviewing skills and is able to draw out the best and at times the worst of your journey. This is instrumental in articulating a compelling sketch of yourself. Paul brings insight, challenge and warmth to the conversation. I can hardly wait to work again with him as I know the value that will add to my confidence.
Leadership, Talent and Learning Director, FTSE 100 Company

Paul is able to effortlessly move through your career, pulling salient skills and experiences that you frequently didn’t know you had, into a portfolio of professional documents that shines a light on the best version of You. He then empowers you to take true ownership of your professional profile and builds the inner confidence that allows you to interview with genuine purpose and renewed belief.
Head of Commercial, Major Broadcaster

My experience with Paul and his colleagues has been invaluable. I am now entering into my job search with confidence not only around what I need from my next opportunity but in my capability and experience to go for it!

Paul has ensured my CV and LinkedIn profile stand out and reflect what I stand for as an HR professional and what I have achieved. His colleague’s experience, skills and expertise built on this to provide me with business insight and interview skills practice giving me great foundations and ‘know-how’ in preparing for interview and how to best get across my key skills and experiences.
People Director, Supply Chain plc

I worked with Paul in the late summer of 2017 and I was looking for an opportunity to reformat both my CV and LinkedIn with a view to stimulate new and different clients and contacts. Following in depth discussions Paul completed both tasks within 3 weeks and the results have delivered not only a much-enhanced CV based more upon outcomes than previously but I have been amazed by the sheer number of LinkedIn invitations and business enquiries that this work has delivered.
CEO, Non-Profit Organisation

Paul is an extraordinary man – I have had absolutely no hesitation recommending him to all my friends and colleagues. He helped me create my CV but he did so much more than that. In talking through my career to date I became aware of what I’d achieved, the aspects of my role I’d enjoyed the most and where I’d been most effective. I got a really professional CV, I got practical useful advice on using LinkedIn and managing my profile. Even more valuable to me at the time was my renewed sense of self confidence and purpose following our meetings, the fact that we are still in touch and I know I can turn to him for advice on planning my career progression in the future.
Creative Director, Top 10 Fashion Omni-channel Retailer

It goes beyond just re-writing my CV or my LinkedIn profile, it is a real coaching session. Paul has been great in supporting me to re-calibrate my career aspirations and bringing clarity in translating my achievements into real unique attributes. I really enjoyed Paul’s personality and straight talking during our working sessions.
Senior Director Global Procurement, FMCG Food Producer

I’m so grateful for all of your help and support. I’ve got a new role as a Senior HRBP. I know that having applied through LinkedIn my CV, thanks to your help, stood out and got me through to the interview. The confidence you gave me in my experience and how to position things certainly helped me through the interview.
Senior HRBP, FMCG Food Producer

I am very happy to provide a testimonial. Working with Paul was a great experience. He efficiently assisted with both my CV and LinkedIn profile helping to provide clarity to my unconventional career path and experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services.
Non-Executive Director and Luxury & Media Consultant at CEO & Board level

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