Career Planning

A career plan is the biggest benefit virtually nobody considers, it massively impacts Health, Wealth, and Happiness!

  • Your career plan can be worth an extra 2 years’ salary over the next 10 years. What could you do with twice your basic salary?
  • Your career plan dramatically changes the way you view, and the way you approach your life, not just your career.

LinkedIn Profile Creation

  • Your LinkedIn profile is the home of your brand, and it is your digital, visual, real-estate.
  • Your LinkedIn profile must be loved by LinkedIn to drive your visibility, and be loved by readers to drive your engagement.

CV Creation

  • Your CV sets-up your competence and likeability, it helps less-than-perfect interviewers excel and give you the interview you deserve.
  • Your CV is a unique, multi-functional document that maximises you, your achievements, and your capabilities when you’re not there in person.
  • Your CV appeals to both the conscious and unconscious needs of the recruiters and employers so they preferentially progress you towards an offer.
  • Your CV sets the tone of future engagement.

Interview Preparation

  • You learn how to show your worth to your interviewer by understanding their agenda and owning and managing the impression you give.
  • You learn how to make the most of your visual impact, your body language, your credibility/success, your character/trustworthiness, and your connection/likeability.
  • You learn about interview structure and how to accelerate away from your competitors.
  • You learn how to create memorable, colourful impact by understanding the science of answering questions.
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