Virtually everyone has questions about the process, and these FAQs may help:

Why us?

We are living the hiring process, we are the customers of candidates seeking opportunities, we are in the recruitment arena but have been hiring executives, we understand the process and the quality of the journey you could have. We show you how you can influence this journey to your benefit.

What is a LinkedIn Profile?

This is a statement of your personal brand. Your findability is directly related to how it satisfies all your customer’s needs. It is your large, open, and inviting gateway for people looking for people like you.

What is a CV?

A CV is the most important sales / marketing document a person can ever have written. A CV sells you when you’re not present to do it in person. The quality of your CV elevates you above competitors and protects you from less than perfect interviewers.

How much are good CV / LinkedIn Profiles worth?

Over 10 years these could be worth more than 2 extra years of your current salary. We believe that it must be worth investing around half a day in them if the difference can be this rewarding.

Do you need a CV for every application?

Yes, you do, so that it’s specific to the vacancy. Only 1st rate CVs imply 1st rate candidates. The good thing about having your CV written this way is that this adaption is easily done.


We interview you. This takes 3-4 hours.


Weekdays and weekends by arrangement.

How long?

Depending on the requirement, a CV would take up to 1 week, a follow-up LinkedIn profile another 1-2 days.

How much?

  • Career Planning is £950 + VAT.
  • LinkedIn profile creation is £450 + VAT.
  • Existing CV critique and guidance for you uprating your own CV is £250 + VAT.
  • CV creation is £950 + VAT.
  • Interview Preparation is £1000 + VAT.

What is needed?

A prior CV gives a flying start from a role/dates viewpoint but is not mandatory. We work extensively with your achievements, so any career reviews/appraisals or monetary values of achievements are helpful but again are not mandatory.

What do you get?

  1. A CV that differentiates you from your competition with decision-makers
  2. An All-Star status LinkedIn profile (if requested)
  3. Access to up to 2 year’s extra salary over the next 10 years
  4. Understanding of why and how these are so powerful
  5. Understanding of how you assist poor interviewers and exert control in your interview
  6. 12-months free minor updates
  7. 12-months free advice line
  8. A sample cover letter skeleton
  9. Training on the benefits of strategic career planning with documentation to support a future life planning
  10. Interview Preparation gives you knowledge of how to prepare, how to engage for competence and likeability, together with Q&A practice.
  11. Career Planning helps you to define and set out your journey with waypoints and it establishes review points to assess your performance to plan.


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