Supporting Senior Executives to retake control of their careers

Supporting companies adjust executive teams via executive search and outplacement

The foundation of any business is the quality of its people and Executive Career Management Ltd is the brainchild of Paul Cooper and Sue Malti, both of whom have major industry tenure at senior levels coupled with clarity of vision, clarity of purpose and an incisive engagement style.

What really sets us apart is our ruthless, uncompromising attitude to engagement excellence and value for all customers, whether they mandate us or they go on a journey with us.

We have an enviable reputation where users consistently recommend our services. We do not advertise. Our aim is to be the biggest open secret in the senior executive’s world.

One of the challenges facing business today is the competitive need for senior executive relevance to corporate aims, goals and aspirations and their ability to pull the business toward a vision, there is a never-ending quest to ensure the top team are fully engaged.

We facilitate that process, supporting businesses involved in adjusting their top teams. We do this by taking executives leaving the business and realigning viewpoints, individuals are released rather than redundant, and they are supported with our dedication to excellent outcomes so exit becomes a positive adventure for the individual and a positive experience for the company.

Paul and Sue continue to receive enthusiastic responses across industry from companies seeking to supportively and effectively move senior executives within the company and equally to transition them to a new challenge in either a similar or very different industry.

Paul Cooper

Paul Cooper is a professional career advisor and executive search specialist with a proven record of facilitating senior executive’s career growth since 1996.

He has an MBA, is a member of the Cranfield University Alumni, Cranfield University Association of Manufacturing Managers and of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Paul’s extensive experience of the process, needs and motivations across the hiring journey is driven by the poor quality solutions available to individuals under career transition that he met. Paul’s practical bespoke solution for senior executives ensures they are positioned to excel in both the shorter and longer term.

These bespoke solutions support leaders in controlling their careers, auditing their strengths and identifying the lesser ones needing enhancement to give them the edge.

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Sue Malti

Sue Malti has over 30 years’ experience in retail and food manufacturing in both Operations and HR. Having begun an extensive career with Marks & Spencer that culminated in the commercial lead for the international franchise business, Sue spent a further 15 years in the FTSE 250 Group HR Director role for businesses including Mothercare, RHM, and Thresher Group (Terra Firma)

Sue has been an executive team member of several high-profile turnaround and transformation programmes, building management capability across all structural levels. Sue builds corporate foundations for commercial success based on growing sustainable leadership through individuals and teams

Sue’s extensive insight into the executive and non-executive arena in retail and food manufacturing enables her to provide corporate clients with uniquely appropriate executive-level outplacement solutions, and individual clients with the personal benchmarking and skills-uplifts that make the difference between mediocrity and excellence. Sue excels in understanding individual’s motivation and values, and her contribution can deliver seismic change.

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